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Document Storage

We all have paper documents that we have to keep for various reason, taking up valuable space in your office. Why not free up the space by storing them in our climate controlled document storage warehouse. 

We barcode and track each boxes going in and out of our warehouse. You get a monthly report with your invoices so you have an idea what you have with us. 

Privacy and Security

All boxes are stored in a secured area with restricted access. We identify the boxes by their barcode labels instead of customer name. To further enhance your security and privacy, we can provide temper-proof storage boxes so you will rest assure what you stored with us are safe. 

Climate Control

Paper documents can deteriorate over time in warm and humid environment. Our warehouse is climate controlled to keep your documents cool and dry. Periodic pest control also reduces possible damage by insects and rodents.

Document Scanning

We can scan your documents, then store your documents in our warehouse. It is perfect for frequent, random access to a large volume of documents. Depending on your business system environment, the scanned image can be saved to a CD-ROM or DVD, or upload them to your choice of cloud storage environment like Dropbox or


Positive Pay Implementation

Positive pay is a bank fraud prevention process where banks will only accept checks that are pre-authorized. The banks verifiy the check number, amount and payee information against an authorized list and any checks with discrepancies will require further verification.

Implementation of Positive Pay is relative simple but certain key steps must be followed to ensure a trouble free transition and smooth continuous day-to-day operation. 





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