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What we do?

Do you need help?

Are you drowning in your paperwork and spending a lot of resources just to keep up? Or you are looking to keep your overhead down?


Alpha Business Services can help you organize the records and handle the transactions paperwork. Instead of spending hours every week going through folders of paper records, we can digitize the documents so you can find them quickly and efficiently. 


ABS even can handle many of the functions normally performed by your back office employees. We can provide flexible pools of resources so you have all the manpower when you need it, without paying for it when you don't.


Industry Best Practice


Furthermore, we can apply industry best practices of transaction handling so you don't have to reinvent the wheels.

Starting a business?

ABS can help you right from day one. Starting with Corporate Record Archival Service. You have a new company but don't have an system to store the key documents, we can safely file your corporate documents away. Even you have been in business for years, we can also help organizing your corporate documents so you will have them at your finger tips when you need it.


Online Accounting


How about your accounting service? If you have a small business, we can handle all the accounting work for you. 


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